Boutique Midtown Atlanta Law Firm Continues Tradition of Serving Georgia Families Started Over 30 Years Ago

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Boutique Midtown Atlanta Law Firm Continues Tradition of Serving Georgia Families Started Over 30 Years Ago

ATLANTA, GA – Following the retirement of Melody Z. Richardson after an esteemed legal career spanning over 35-years, and the addition of William A. Alexander as Member, the highly-rated midtown Atlanta family law firm Richardson Bloom & Lines LLC has announced it will now be known as Bloom Lines Alexander LLC.

Over 30 years ago, a boutique law firm opened in the heart of midtown Atlanta with a mission of serving Georgia families through solution-oriented, dedicated, caring, and determined legal representation. Bloom Lines Alexander LLC continues that mission today in the very same offices where the vision first started over three decades prior. And while the mission remains the same, the experience, expertise, and breadth of knowledge at Bloom Lines Alexander LLC has only continued to grow. Now, Managing Member Kyla S. Lines, Member Daniel A. Bloom, and Member William A. Alexander, put their experience to work growing the reputation of Bloom Lines Alexander LLC as a firm which vigorously and holistically protects their clients’, and their clients’ children’s, best interests, familial relationships, and financial future.

While the name Bloom Lines Alexander LLC may be new, the proven results of the dedicated attorneys at the firm are not. Georgia Trend Magazine has recognized Kyla S. Lines a “Legal Elite” in the area of family law, and she has been named one of Georgia’s Top 50 Women Attorneys by Atlanta Magazine multiple years running. Daniel A. Bloom has been selected as a Top 100 Attorney in Georgia by Atlanta Magazine for almost 10 years, and recently served as the sole non-psychologist member on the Ethics Committee of the American Psychological Association. And William A. Alexander has been named a “Legal Elite” by Georgia Trend Magazine, and “Rising Star” in the area of family law by Atlanta Magazine three years in a row. Mr. Bloom, Ms. Lines and Mr. Alexander are also frequent contributors to publications furthering legal education, and serve as speakers to share their expertise in the field.

Mr. Alexander, the youngest Member of the firm, expressed his excitement for the future: “Having my name associated with Kyla and Dan is something of which I am incredibly proud. Dan and Kyla have been forces in the Atlanta legal community for years, and their sterling reputations show that lawyers can be fierce advocates for their clients while remaining consummate professionals in the community. I am very excited to show Georgia families that Bloom Lines Alexander LLC is a name they can count on when faced with newfound uncertainty.”

Bloom Lines Alexander LLC is a boutique family law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in complex divorce and child custody cases, as well as all other facets of domestic litigation, such as modification actions, LGBTQ+ rights, appeals, and serving as Guardians ad Litem, mediators and arbitrators. More information on Bloom Lines Alexander LLC can be found at

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