If a Judge issued an Order in your case that was not based on legally sound principles, we may be able to help.

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It is not unusual for hotly contested divorce or custody cases to take years to finalize. So, the last thing most people are thinking about when their case has finally concluded is more litigation. But, sometimes appeals are necessary. For example, judges are humans and can make mistakes; but what might just be a simple mistake for a judge who is handling hundreds of other cases, could actually be a devastating impact on your financial future, or your children’s future. Or, there may be new and emerging areas of law which a judge hasn’t seen before, and, despite the judge’s best efforts, you still believe the judge got it wrong. In situations like these, it’s incredibly important to explore your options for appeal.

In general, appeals take place when the judge has entered an order which you feel is incorrect, or based on a mistake made by the judge. Then, you ask a higher court (the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court) to review the order to determine whether the judge was or was not correct. However, even though it may have taken years to obtain the order you now wish to appeal, your window in which to appeal is very small, often only 30-days (sometimes as short as 20-days in certain circumstances). After that window, your right to appeal is gone, and the order is firmly in place.

Fortunately, the attorneys at Bloom Lines Alexander LLC have had years of experience not only in trial courtrooms, but also in the courts of appeals, and therefore can assess your appeal quickly and efficiently.  Such experience is of vital importance when you need to act quickly. Of course, not only do you need to act fast, but the rules regarding appeals in Georgia are hyper-technical, and you do not want to find yourself in a position of having your appeal rejected just because your font is the wrong size (yes, that’s a real thing). So, if you find yourself with an order with which you do not agree, please do yourself a favor and stop wondering “what now” and schedule your consultation with Bloom Lines Alexander LLC today.

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