Modification of Existing Orders

We can assist you in modifying provisions of Orders already in place, whether regarding support or child custody and parenting time.


Following a divorce or child custody case, many individuals find themselves with new financial obligations, such as alimony and/or child support, as well as parenting plans detailing who can make decisions on behalf of their child/children, and where the child/children call home and when. Naturally, this leads to countless “what if” questions, like “what if I lose my job and can no longer afford to pay alimony?”, “what if my former spouse gets a higher paying job and the child support no longer seems fair?” or “what if my child/children are not doing well under the custodial arrangement and it needs to change?”

Fortunately, Georgia law provides an answer to those questions. Following a divorce or custody matter there are certain items which may be modified, including: (1) the amount of the periodic alimony obligation; (2) the amount of the monthly child support obligation; and (3) legal and/or physical custody of any minor child/children. However, depending on what you are trying to modify—custody, parenting time, alimony or child support—there may be vastly different requirements for what will entitle you to the modification you are seeking. There are even some very costly boobytraps hidden within the laws related to modification actions. For example, if someone brings an action to modify their monthly alimony obligation based on their former spouse living with a new partner, and the person bringing the action loses, that person has to pay all of the attorney’s fees incurred by the former spouse in defending that action. Ouch. Please, don’t fall into one of those boobytraps. The attorneys at Bloom Lines Alexander LLC have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of modification actions, and can help you successfully navigate a modification action to ensure you get a result that fits you and your family.  So, stop wondering “what if” and schedule your consultation today.

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