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Tips for Successful Mediation header Divorce

Tips for Successful Mediation

Mediation is the single best opportunity to resolve the case—everyone is present for one singular purpose: to settle. But achieving that goal does not begin …

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step-parents and parents need to learn respect Divorce

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What It Means to… All Parents

In August of 2017, I reviewed Step Mom magazine, a source of advice and strategies …

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Georgia Child Support Attorneys | Richardson, Bloom, & Lines Children

Enforcing Child Support Orders in Georgia

You and your children depend on your child support to make ends meet. When you …

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Grandparents Rights in Georgia More

Grandparents Rights in Georgia

Grandparents often play a special role in their grandchildren’s lives. They offer both grandchildren and …

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Atlanta, Georgia Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers | Richardson, Bloom, & Lines Marriage

5 Common Myths About Prenuptial Agreements

Getting married is often considered one of the most romantic times in your life. Talking …

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Atlanta Relocation Law Firm Children

To Relocate or Not to Relocate during (Or After) a Divorce: That’s the Question

When I hear a client say “I want to move out of the state (or …

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Atlanta Parenting Plan Attorneys | Richardson, Bloom, & Lines Children

Creating a Parenting Plan

In any family law case where the court will decide custody, parents must file a …

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